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Cowtown Farmers Market Vendor Info

Daily prices for Market Spots:
3 tables provided for you
Indoor: 1st & 2nd Barn (monthly vendors)
Partial In/Out: Pole Barn, Overhangs
Outside: Midway, Walkway, Front, Plaza

$30 - $45 per spot, per day

~ Report to Rental Office at 6 am for spot assignment & payment.
~ No advance reservations accepted.
~ 3 tables provided (approx. 8' L x 32" W x 32" T).

Daily prices for "Bring Your Own Table":
*all spots are outside uncovered*

Stones: $20 per spot, per day
Hay Lane (grass): $25 per spot, per day

~ Spaces are approx. 22' x 15'
~ Must be set-up by 8 am.  
~ Bring your own tables.
~ Agents will be around to collect rent.

Call our office at
further information on spots, rates & availability

Vendor spots are available on a daily or monthly basis.  
Inquire with Rental Agent for monthly arrangements.

**Attention Potential Food Vendors**

to become a vendor, you must first have the following 2 certificates:
1)  'Salem County Health Dept Inspection Certificate'
98 Market St, Salem, NJ  08079    856-935-7510
2)  Permit from the NJ Fire Marshall
NJ Dept of Community Affairs, Div of Fire Safety    609-633-6132

Once obtained, please contact Cowtown Farmers Market Manager, 
Kevin DiPatri, for food vendor openings.

General Vendor Policies:

-  Absolutely no illegal or counterfeit merchandise is to be sold at Cowtown Farmers Market.

- Cowtown reserves the right to refuse admission to any dealer.

- No games of chance, skills, raffles, lotteries, or auctions are allowed on the premises without written permission of management.

- All dealers are required to display merchandise until 4:00 pm on dates of sale.  Those who do not comply will lose their space.

- All trash must be boxed and placed in either Cowtown containers or on your table - No Loose Papers!